Taiwanese Hospitality-Weather Help Edition

What happens when winter comes in Taiwan? Not much, actually. The temperature might drop a few degrees, it might rain more. For me though, I’ve been freezing. Taiwan, being so close to the equator, has no heating systems in any of its buildings, so if it’s cold and damp outside, chances are that it is also cold and damp inside.

Inside the teacher’s office, the windows are always open. No matter if the weather is hot, or pouring rain, those windows are wide open. It is sure a far cry from my home where my Mother always closes the house off and covered every window and door with dark sheets to keep out the heat in the summer. Or how we turn on the heat on the chilly days of late October and snuggle into our sweaters, keeping the windows closed again the damp and cold and megrimmum winds (if you’re not familiar with this term, click –>here)

Lately, it has been getting very chilly. The kind that makes your ankles and fingers to be stiff and causes you to walk around with hunched shoulders. The kind that turns your nose cold and drains the color from your cheeks. Ellen, my LET had gifted me with some sweaters to borrow, so I have been wearing those, but cotton isn’t enough in this weather. Luckily, my Taipei family called me the day after I had met with Ivy and told me they would be sending me a parcel of a blanket and some jackets by ground mail the following day.
‘Ivy told me that you needed a jacket, ‘ she said, ‘so we will send them tomorrow. We will prepare a package.’
‘Oh.’ I said, a bit embarrassed at their continual gifts, ‘I meant I’d probably need another blanket. If you had one, I’d really appreciate it…’ I could practically hear the blush in my voice.

A few days later, this arrived at my school.

huge. excuse the mess.

Inside were two jackets, a duvet, a sweater, and a blazer with the most 80s inspired flower pattern. I will have to take photos for you all. I wasted no time in unpacking it all to see what was inside, but was unable to get it all back in again, not surprisingly. Because the box was heavy, I took everything home in three shifts. Obviously the box and the duvet came home first, as up until its arrival I had been sleeping under a random fitted sheet and a synthetic quilt that was probably best used in summer weather. It had been raining for two weeks straight. It was about time to be warm.


This happened. Thank goodness.

Love, Hannah