I was going to begin this post by showing you a few pictures of ants. Ants in the United States; the big ones and the small ones. But wait! You just think they’re small. You haven’t seen the ants here in Taiwan. The ones that crawl everywhere and get into every place you can’t reach with your smallest finger. Those and the fire ants. I’ve been fortunate not to have had a run in with one of these suckers yet, although there was one in the shower the other day. I left it alone and shampooed my hair looking at it to make sure it didn’t jump on me.

It seems to be a trend for me to write about ant infestations on my blog. Once upon a time during my sophomore year of college, it rained and all the ants came marching in to my room to get out of the rain, boom boom boom. Soon, they were in my bed, and crawling everywhere. Obviously discusted, I did whatever anyone who wanted to go to bed but couldn’t would do, slept in the hall. Significantly disgruntled, I tried everything. I plastered my windowsill with duct tape and sprinkled cinnamon on it and the bed by the spoonful.

Which leads me to today’s ants. I pretended they didn’t exist. I took the food out of my room (read: ate it) still nothing helped. Underfoot crawled little ants the size of pencil lead. At first I had no idea what they were, mites? flies? They are in the other rooms here too, and the kitchen, of course. Upon squishing one, I found that it had the three ant body parts. Welcome to Taiwan’s mini ants, I guess.

I got fed up today, however. My stone floor had become a mass grave of tiny ant bodies, littered around like flecks of dirt that stuck to my sticky feet and came to bed with me. Obviously not what I wanted, so after breakfast I painstakingly scrubbed my floor with wet paper towels to kill and clean up the ants. I bet countries wishes battle fields were that easy to clean. After this, I put all my clothes on my clothing rack and used up my 5 hangers. I’ll be needing to buy more.


Everything fits though, I know I didn’t bring too much. Thank goodness. I could even have even brought less. Mom and Dad, when you come, get ready to bring home basically all of my shorts. They aren’t really suitable for school and school is what I’ll be doing the rest of the time here.


Feeling accomplished, I also organised everything else in my room. Now that the floor was clean, the rest of the room might as well be. I always say that the state of someone’s room reflects the insides of their mind. If you’re feeling scattered, your room will also be scattered. I can hopefully keep my brain in line by keeping a tidy space.

My desk organised with books and decour and tea. Essentials.

Everything has a place. There is something satisfying about having minimal things. I didn’t bring too many of anything this time, and I don’t have a drawer of random stuff that somehow snuck its way into my suitcase.

(L-R) leftover gift bags, my shelf with electronics, food/tea, toiletries, empty suitcase with just coats in it, my rack.

Being that my room is basically unfurnished, save the desk, chair, bed, and shelf, I had to set up the rack as my closet and am using a cardboard box as a laundry bin. It does the trick nicely.

Hey, how’d my phone get in there?

Because school is starting, I bought myself a cute new planner. I’ll have more to keep track of soon enough. It’s nice because it actually starts on the first, when I need it to.

New planner.

There were so many to choose from at this cute stationary store, but I chose this one because the design was good and it had organising capabilities.

also not too overwhelming

Lastly, we’ve been invited to the Fulbright Welcome Dinner in Taipei next weekend. I think my going there weekends is going to become a habit. I do realise I have yet to write about my weekend there last weekend, but I promise I will do so!

Of course we’re invited. We ARE the party.

Here’s a preview 😉

View from their neighborhood!


Gearing Up for Another Adventure

I’ve been absent abroad, but all so present in the United States.

I just haven’t left in ages. So many things got in the way; finishing up my senior semester, working and applying to graduate school. Waiting.

The waiting was in terms of my Fulbright grant to Taiwan. I’d submitted the application in October. Waited around until January to find I was a finalist. Waited until April to find I was a winner!

Blah de blah. What does this mean for me? What does this mean for A Case of Wanderlust? We’re going live again!! 

I’ve got so much to tell you about the process of getting everything settled. As it is the end of April now, I won’t be leaving for another 3 months yet, but there is lots to be done.

I’ll be updating about how I”m feeling, research I’m doing, crazy emails I get, even crazier medical tests I have to undertake.  I’m going to be packing, sewing some light tropical weather-proof clothes, packing away my winter gear (imagine, an entire year without winter!), learning how to use my camera/figuring out all my electronics, and lots more.

This will be the place where I’ll post recipes (maybe), vlogs (definitely), pictures (most definitely), and musings (of course) so share my year with you.

Questions? Shoot me an email at:
Comments? Leave them below!

Love, Hannah

Oh, and PS, this is where I’m going–>