Two Days

Hi again,

This blog has been laying low since I haven’t done much travel since living in Taiwan. While this makes me sad, it also makes me just as happy to reactivate ACOW (A Case Of Wanderlust) and get cracking at posts again!

This time, I’m headed to the West Coast, along with my boyfriend, A. Together we are a non-stoppable photography duo with a desire to see the world. During our two years together, we’ve seen plenty of east coach states- those close enough to drive to from our home in Jersey City, but nothing on a plane. This trip is our first big trip, and my first time to 2/3 of the states we will be visiting.

Our trip is a ‘take two’ of sorts, a second try, albeit a year later, on our failed trip to Italy. Italy had been foiled by a mechanical error in the plane, so a long plane trip has been long awaited. This time we’re well planned, used our credit card points and frequent flier miles, and have a spreadsheet all worked out.

The journey starts in Seattle, and winds us down through Portland, Eugene, Crescent City, and along the Pacific Coast Highway until we reach San Francisco at the end of 8 days. I still don’t drive, so it’s going to be me and my camera along that stretch of highway!

Come along with us as we navigate car rentals, trying to get Spotify to work in the car, a multitude of hotels, long stretches of highway, and what will probably be breathtaking views. Harry Potter was here (and I was too!)

And forgive my rusty writing. It’s been a while since I’ve been at this, but I’m just warming up for what I hope is the launch of a ‘real’ blog this fall.

Welcome (back?)



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