Into Town

If you walk into town, you might see this KTV place. I’ve never been to KTV, which is basically karaoke, but it doesn’t really appeal since I don’t know any of the songs. I think half the fun in the activity is botching up your favorite pop songs and having a laugh.

Taiwan is still behind in the feminism category, I’m afraid.

Sad signs abound here, I’m sorry to report.

There are three kinds of convenience marts here: Family Mart, OK Mart, and 7-Eleven. Oh, and Hi-Life. Four. 

Fuo Guang

Here’s where I took Chinese lessons in the fall: Fuo Guang University. The city campus. The other is in the mountains over near Jiaoxi.

I pass this formal dress shop every day on the bus. They change the dresses on display weekly. 

I’ve never worn a dress like this, but boy do I want to.


I’ve begun to think perhaps I never will.

Colour pops.

This is the busy Bei-Men juice stand. You can see that it is quite popular indeed. 

I still haven’t gotten the juice, but many people swear by it.

Here is the Leezen natural food store, where they actually sort of know me. Once I went in and, feeling obligated to buy something because it’s such a small store, asked if they had any Nangua (squash). They did not, but offered to ring me when one came in. Sure enough, soon my phone rang during school and I picked it up later that day! 

They also always wrap my tahini in foam because once I dropped a brand new jar the second I walked in the door at home 😦


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