The Field Trip Continues: Yilan Green Expo

Tunnel boring machine.

I last left you thinking about the oddity that is extruded rice sticks. I will now move away from that and show you a glorious photo of some squash (because I know how much you all appreciate it as much as me…)

All my favorites

One thing I have to say about Taiwan is that the fruits and vegetables are always aplenty and are mostly local, since the weather holds for growing all year long!

a bit overcast, but nice all the same

I only felt slightly creepy taking close up photos of this baby’s curls….

On the other side of the bridge, we found some animals in a feeding (but not petting?) zoo type enclosure. 

My favorites were the little baby wild boars with their pin striped backs.but the rabbits, goats, chickens, and deer were great as well! 

‘Don’t look at me!’

I have always wanted goats.

As we walked by, a man stopped me and said, ‘Hello America! I love you country because it is very funny. So glad to meet you!’ I smiled my usual smile and told him it was nice to meet him too. I imagine I am still somewhat of a novelty, no matter how much I have become used to living here.

Another student passed me and called out, ‘Aloha!’ to which I replied, ‘Hello Darbie! is wrong- we don’t say Aloha!’ Hello Darbie is one of the textbooks used by schools here and it teaches that to say ‘hello,’ people in the US say ‘aloha’ which you and I know is not true. 

Tunnel boring machine!

We eventually stopped for lunch and found some 6th graders.  I also found that my balsamic had indeed started dripping through my bag and onto everything else. I excused myself to the bathroom with a wad of tissues to attempt to scrub it away but only ended up with tiny tissue pills everywhere and a sickeningly sweet smell that hung about. Luckily it was warm, so I did not hesitate to give myself the once over (or twice over, as it were) with some water, dousing my dress to rid it of any sticky residue.

Children (not mine) playing in the stream

fields of lavender

We encountered some envy-inducing gardens and Waldorf look-alikes in a wooden slatted building off to the side somewhere on my unreadable map. 

Water Lilies! Or Lily…

This is the machine they used to dig the tunnel through the mountain that runs from Taipei to Yilan. Somehow, I don’t like to think about it.

One way to dress up a squat toilet.

More Green Expo

Interesting Nature

A dinner table set

What a lovely thing.

Still practicing my aperture

uniformed kiddies everywhere.

Wooden boars!

I walked around a bit until I saw everything, then I sat down to read in a copse of trees. It started to rain, but the trees sheltered me- for a few minutes.

Say hello to my reading companion.

Luckily, time was up, so we all met up and headed for the bus.

All in all, I’m happy to have had a field trip. It changes things up. I try to have one ‘spicy’ thing to do each week, so I don’t get bogged down.

Love, Hannah


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