I Love London

I have returned from a longish sojourn abroad back to a city that I haven’t been able to stop dreaming about since I left. There is a song that explains how I feel about it.

I don’t dance like this, but I sure do feel swell of heart whenever I think about it.

What did I get up to while I was there? Let me reiterate that we were only given two weeks out of country as per Fulbright martial law, so I immediately took off to the best place I could think of. Most people went traveling and touring around Southeast Asia, but I had business to take up. This trip was half visiting/curing myself of heartache for having been gone so long, and half business of visiting prep schools and informational interviewing headmasters to see whether I want to move there after I finish with Columbia.

I ended up meeting with three Prep Schools there, and one other graduate school (in case, you know, I’m crazy enough to give up Columbia) and took ample notes and had a lot to think about every day when I came home from school.

The other thing I did while I was there was eat a lot of yogurt hit up my old haunts and go to as many museums as I could possibly go to and walk around a lot. And yes, I did eat a lot of yogurt. Taiwan has no yogurt (the audacity, I know) so I made sure I got my fill of all that and all the things I can’t find here (real salad, almond milk, cheese, good chocolate, yogurt, tomato sauce, hummus, zucchini, rice cakes, etc).

Where did I stay? With a lovely friend I had met with whilst studying abroad. She is in her last year this year and has a flat in SE1 (which, if you don’t know London, is right across the bridge from St. Paul’s and a bit behind the Tate Modern and nearby to Borough Market). Very central to a number of things. Very happy about that.

Let me just share these moments with you.

AF’s flat- back view.

AF’s Flat!

Not sure what this means….

Streetlight reflections

It was, of course, raining, and continued to do so most days. Thank goodness I’m used to that 😉

London has wonderful street art!

I have always found this amusing.

I walked around by myself the first night, just taking it all in.

The next day, AF and I went to Borough Market and ate all the samples. But we bought lunch too.

some salsa, potato salad, cole slaw thing, and barley something?

Not sure what all this was, but it was only three pounds, so I was pleased to have a nice boxed lunch. I’ve never actually bought lunch at Borough Market, so that was quite fun.

The Roebuck. A Beautiful building on Great Dover Street.

Aside from everything else, I was overjoyed to have decaf tea at my disposal. I think I must have bought a package every day I was there.

yogurt parfait and lovely tea.

Then AF had to study and the museuming began. Since she only had one key, I usually took it because I’d come back for dinner and she would not return until around nine. It made things easier, if a bit strange.

This mirror is ‘art’

The Tate Modern has many strange exhibits. I’ve been twice and I’m unsure I love it, but this is one piece I just ADORE. It changes every time you look at it 😉

how lovely is the model?

Not sure I understand this one.

I like what this says.

Half the reason I’d go to these galleries was the (man) people watching.

People just as beautiful as the art they look for.


Kind of neat

These kids were playing in the light room. It made for lovely photos. .

tortured souls


Dali, obviously.


Still unsure what I make of modern art, but at least it is thought provoking. God knows after five months I needed that!!

Tune in tomorrow for more photos!
Love, Hanah











One thought on “I Love London

  1. Thanks and LOVE your photography!!! Really. I am obviously not impartial but I think you do have a very good eye for composition and the use of the filters etc. If you are not up to gushy compliments today then just say it is your camera. (Although when it was mine it NEVER developed anything like you manage to see). More please.

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