Passing Holidays and Upcoming ones

Forgive me for this, but whoever said Christmas HAD to happen every year? (Do I even need to apologise for feeling like I want to wait until I’m back with family to celebrate?)

That said, both Christmas and New Years came and went without so much as a batted eyelash. I spent Christmas working and, aside from the most lovely parcel from my family, I thought not about it at all. New Years was much the same, I watched ‘Love Actually’ on Netflix and cleaned my entire room and made myself a giant wall calendar that shows the months and days I have remaining here. Photo forthcoming.

In other news, the relentless rain has stopped and Taiwan has once again been blessed with ‘wonderful weather’ although this time it is more to my taste: around 60-70 degrees and partly cloudy with rays of warm sunshine. Not of that awful heat. I have been successfully able to wash my clothes and hang them out to dry in record time without having to use the darn dryer. Sorry for my lack of photographs, the rain put a damper on using a nice camera. I will have more soon, I don’t promise, I think.

In classroom news I had a very exciting day yesterday. You all know my woes of the fact that I do not get to teach very much/at all in my coteaching classroom. Yesterday, however, my coteacher was sporting a face mask a la this:

note: not my coteacher

and informed me weakly that she had work to do and would I please take the two first grade classes. Trying not to jump up and down and scream, ‘HECK YES I”VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT’ I took the mature route of, ‘oh yes of course, I’d be happy to’ and scurried upstairs (well, I walked) to ready everything in the classroom/check my email.

The first graders arrived and I was ready with the Eric Carle book, ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?’ in hand. I gathered the youngsters on the floor in front of me, which was something they’d obviously never done before because even when I explained in Chinese they were hesitant to sit anywhere but their seats.

Soon we were stomping around the room singing the Alphabet Song acting like different animals, they were laughing and smiling and fully into it like I’ve never seen them be before. We reviewed all the letters and the classroom English and I had well, a blast.

After the first lesson (we teach two in a row which are the same), my LET spoke up from her place in the back of the classroom where she’d snuck in during my lesson and remarked, ‘That was impressive.’

It was really all I could do not to tell her, ‘yes, yes it was, wasn’t it? And I’ve got more where that came from!’

Overall, it was a lovely day and I was tickled pink to have been teaching. Sometimes it gets to be a cycle where I am not used in the classroom, I see the lack of inspiration, therefore I’m not inspired, so I can’t step up, round and round and round. Do you see? But I’m always amazed at how much I can just think up ideas and run with them and have them work out and feel like an amazing teacher. Just imagine if I got to do that every day!


Upcoming? Well, I’m going to be leaving for our Midyear Conference (being held here) on Tuesday evening and then going straight to our family friend’s house in Taipei until Sunday night when I will get on my flight to Paris! I’ll hopefully be blogging from there, although pictures might not be able to be uploaded, we’ll have to see.

Love, Hannah

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