In Which I Make a Poor Attempt at a Halloween Costume

Halloween was never my favorite holiday, but it has always been one that I like. Candy, you say? Not by half. I’ve always been in it for the costumes. You see, candy comes about every hallmark holiday, but there is only one holiday (arguably) during which it is permissible to dress up as whatever you jolly well please and parade about pretending to be said character.

For a while, a friend and I dressed as the alphabet: A (alien), B (baby), C (cow), D (dement or from Harry Potter), E (I think we were elves?) and we stopped after that. I’ve had thoughts to continue, but that will have to wait until I’m home in the States. The best thing was getting really into the costumes. I have my mother and my friend’s mother to thank for never having worn a store-bought halloween costume. Mine were always wonderfully and creatively made, from green alien robes and died green hair, to black sweatsuits covered with white spots. They were always weather appropriate as well, suitable for the rather nippy night on the brink of November, unlike those polyester things you get from the store.

It has, however, been a number of years since I dressed up, so I wasn’t terribly disappointed when my LET told me that, being Christian, she did not feel comfortable celebrating halloween in class. Fine by me. I was more concerned with Thanksgiving. So it was a complete surprise to me when, a few days prior to Halloween, my coteacher announced that we would be doing this and that craft, having a costume contest, and dressing up. Slightly panicked, I realized that I had brought nothing to wear in the way of a costume, and my fingers flew to the keyboard of my laptop and my eyes to google images to look up ‘simple owl mask costumes.’ Settling on one that involved little more than paper, glue, and colored pencils, I set to work, eventually producing this:

Hoo is it?

Feeling accomplished, I set off to bed, glad I had something to wear.

The next morning, I dressed neck to toe in black, because I couldn’t get my hair to be black if I tried (why do people say head to toe when you don’t usually dress up your head?) and hopped onto the bus to get to school. I had no idea what to expect from our costume contest, but my mask was wedged carefully between the pages of my journal and all I had left was to figure out how to affix it to my face.

When I got to school, I was greeted with an explosion on my LET’s desk.

Happy Halloween indeed.

She herself was surprisingly bedecked in full ninja apparel that she had apparently borrowed off her son. I was throughly impressed.  She had also brought with her an Asian pumpkin, which she told me was ‘too hard’ to carve.

ready for butchering.

I don’t know what she expected, but it seemed fine to me.

While she busied herself elsewhere, as she normally does, I set about to find a way to attach the mask to my face (not permanently)

rubber bands, will you do the trick?

I finally taped two tabs to the sides and attached two rubber bands to those. These would go rather painfully round my ears, but it would hold the mask in place.

set and ready.

Soon, the students began to arrive. The rule of the contest was that the students had to make their own costumes (this was put in place by me. Remember my beginnings, if you will).

Cute flower!

Cutie pies.

They got really creative!

loving that! made out of what looked to be paper!

I couldn’t get them to look at me. Not a one.

Pumpkin king!

I almost got some smiles.

But not out of these two, who look utterly thrilled to be here.


Soon enough, off we set outside to the tuesday assembly.

out into the brightness.

While the Dean introduced them, I checked out some details.

I loved her shoes!

Out into the morning sunshine we went to face the judges- their fellow students!

LET Ellen and her ranks.

lined up in rows.


The Dean announced each kid one by one. In Chinese though, so I am still not sure what each one was supposed to be, exactly.

Even the first graders were bashful.

LET Ellen and her daughter, Abigale.

All in all, it was a really fun morning. I think Ellen took some photographs of me in my Owl mask, but she hasn’t sent them to my email yet. Forthcoming, to be sure.

Love, Hannah














2 thoughts on “In Which I Make a Poor Attempt at a Halloween Costume

  1. oh SO great!!! Their costumes are all terrific and can’t wait to see yours! Here we have the bow and arrow toting warrior maiden and harry potter look alike but in looking through the 2 green costume bins we did come across a green alien skin, dementor mask and a pink polar fleece baby bonnet so if you want to pick up the alphabet you are all set!

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