Life in the Teacher’s Office

In our great, colourful school


You will find a round room.

Around the other side of this round room you will find….

Round room. Used for multipurpose.

Inside the multipurpose room.


Oh hello there.

The Teacher’s Office.

My desk.

At my desk you will find…

things I find useful.

Ellen gave me a toothbrush kit, and I got a mug from Genial and I Yu. Can we talk about how awesome it is that teachers brush their teeth? It’s just normal. I always felt awkward bringing my toothbrush to school in the States, yet here everyone does it! Yay for tooth health!

Lunchtime at KX

We have lunch that comes to us.

a starch, a soup, and usually three veg/protein dishes, and some fruit.

Our water machine.

The water machine has cold, hot, and warm water. The hot water is protected by a lock that kids aren’t allowed to touch. The warm water is what you’re *supposed* to drink. It’s apparently better for you. Me, I can’t get into it.

Every tuesday I hold a Teacher’s Conversation Class with the faculty and staff before the teacher’s meeting. We choose a new topic each week, and each week we have two meetings. I really like doing this because there is a real world, practical application for the fact that they are learning these phrases. I really love the part when I go around and listen to them speak, and let them ask questions. At first they were hesitant, but I told them I don’t bite, so they are coming out of their shells. One morning I talked with the principal and he told me he’d never spoken to an American before! It is moments like these when I truly know my purpose as a cultural emissary is being taken on.

I have done a few things with the teachers, and seen them around town. Last week, I was invited to dinner with the Dean and some other teachers. We had a grand time, made all the more grand by the fact that I got to eat hot pot. Kidding. Not. (My love for hot pot will be covered in another post) We visited the Dean’s really nice house, and chatted for a while after the dinner.

I ran into one of the teachers in Carrefour yesterday too. She greeted me with a huge smile and began to explain to me in Chinese that she was there with her family, point out each member in turn. We chatted and I explained that I was about to walk home. It’s so much fun to see people out and about.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Life in the Teacher’s Office

  1. absolutely loving hearing about your adventures!!! the pictures are fabulous and it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. thinking about you!!! xoxox

  2. Hi Hannah, the school is great and it looks so green and lush! Kids r kids no matter where the school is and book learning is sort of in opposition to the nature of the beast! Dazzle them with your excitement!! Your excitement and wonder is so inspiring to me after having been in the trenches for so many years! You have so much to give! I love reading your blog!

    Love ya, Aunt Cindy

    • I’m so glad you like the blog! I’ve been a bit lax on updating lately, but I promise I’ve got a bunch of good posts up my sleeve 🙂
      Thanks for the advice on forgetting about the book learning, it’s hard sometimes, because we only see the kids once a week for 40 minutes for English class and we have so much to cover! I try to be as enthusiastic as possible, because I love to see them smile and glimmers of interest.
      Love you too!

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