School Times and Images

One of the things you might see at school, besides children, are our little (or not so little)

Dead as a doormat.

Sometimes it rains and everything gets covered in water.

The fields in the rain storm.

I have to be careful not to slip, as the water often slides down the edges of the overhand in sheets, or dribbles between separations in the roof. I pick up my feet when I walk, careful not to slip.

Far reaches of our school.

One of the images I see daily.

Squatty Potty.

If you’re going to flush this thing, be ready with the door open, sometimes it will splash your feet! I always stand with one hand on the door, ready to leap out of the stall when I push the lever down with the other foot. It takes serious skill that I have taken time to develop. Overshare?

Children studying. Working hard or hardly working?

It’s strange. Some days my students seem quite keen on learning and others….well….today for example. No one wanted to learn a thing except what it feels like to be reprimanded in English.

Rules for our English classroom that somehow we never went over? I just discovered these.

In terms of discipline, I’m not sure where to begin. I suppose I ought not to mention it, but it seems akin to teaching in an inner city school where most of the students don’t seem that tuned into learning at all and would rather goof off and not pay attention. There has to be some way to get into their heads and make them interested. BUT if I am honest, I wouldn’t be interested in the textbook either.

More rain.

It’s hard to tell whether the sky looks foreboding here because the sky nearby to the mountains always looks cloudy and brooding.

Here are some images from fun times with the first graders. I only get to see them once a week, but they always stop by my window and giggle at me, pointing and laughing until I come over. Then they squeal and run away screaming. I’m not sure why they have this reaction to me, but I’d honestly prefer hugs! I’m not scary….am I?

Ke ai de xiao tonxue! 可愛的小同學們。 Cute little classmates!

WHAT? Boys working hard?

This must have been posed…


Ellen and Cute Child

Ellen and the most adorable first grader. I want to eat her up or cuddle her. I can’t decide which.

Friends hold up their work.

Friends laughing, pencil cases flashing.

Explaining to a friend.

Checking to see that they’ve copied down their homework.

‘WHY are you taking a picture of me…’

Creative girls draw ‘ABC’

This cute boy with his sweet pencil case.


Smiles and confusion

Acting out the dialogue. Ellen was superman. For my turn, I used my scarf as a cape.

Ellen and the Smartboard. 

In the background you can see our interactive textbook on the whiteboard. I always lean against it and change the page or make it talk at me.

Oliver likes to climb on the chairs and run around.

Trying out the super man dialogue for themselves.


Laughing uproariously

Ellen’s first grade daughter, Abigail helps out.

These pictures aren’t from today. We all agreed that today was though in terms of behavior. Kids didn’t want to listen or seem to care. I got a lot of apathetic looks and ignoring me. Maybe American Public School IS doing something right…I take back everything I said and add grains of salt to it. Resubmit for further evaluation.

Love, Hannah













2 thoughts on “School Times and Images

  1. Thanks for the photos of your classroom and the adorable children! I imagine, like children everywhere, some moments and topics grab their attention and some do not. They will respond with a raised hand and correct answer or a blank look or silliness and goofing around depending on what the lesson was against the background noise of a whole host of other things that are going on in their heads all day long completely unrelated to learning English or even being in school. Now you can see where educational philosophy can bang heads with the reality of the living breathing individual child sitting in a plastic seat in your classroom this morning. Keeps you on your toes though, right? Teachers have very strong toes, I imagine.

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