Taipei Weekend One: Part Three

Finishing up the last bit of the first weekend, I woke up to breakfast.

Making soy milk in the vitamix. My dream appliance.

I couldn’t believe they had a vitamix. You know how much I lust after one of these?

fruit plate, veggie plate, sweet potato plate, eggs, tomatoes

One thing I love about breakfast here is that there is sweet and savoury, leaving you really satisfied. It isn’t the typical breakfast I usually have at home, which often involves yogurt, but it’s super good. Actually, at home I frequently have sweet potatoes too, so that’s not far off.

Love it.

The Dou Jiang (soy milk) is actually hot, which is different.

After breakfast we set out to go to Cathwel, my sister’s orphanage.

All the shoes! You need a lot of shoes if it’s going to rain as much as it does here.

I love how beautiful it looks.

Out to the sky.

I love these street grates. Fish and trees.

We drove out to New Taipei City and toured Cathwel.

Here at last!

Not much to say here except that it wasn’t the homecoming I expected. We were met at the door by a Grace, not the same one who had handled my Sister’s adoption, and she led us to a conference room where the next 2 hours were spent talking to the Dengs in Chinese. I had wanted to talk to her, or also Sister Rosa, the Nun in charge, but she wasn’t there that day and Grace didn’t seem to be so inclined to speak to me. Perhaps her English wasn’t so good, but I was disappointed. We did get a good tour of the building, which is newly built since my last time in Taiwan. It houses everyone from babies to teens and even has a floor for unwed mothers!

I wanted to get in there on the floor and hold the babies, but our tour was just looking through glass doors as babies danced around and the toddlers having a snack of apple milk. The rubbed their grimy hands against the glass and I put mine up to meet them. A touching (without actually touching) moment that I wish could have been extended. I just wanted to hold them in my arms, like I held G for the first time. I miss her so much, it would be something to keep us close.

Soon it was time to go. I bid them goodbye, perhaps I would be able to arrange some time to volunteer. Too bad it is so far away. New Taipei city is about an hour outside Taipei.

We made our way to a restaurant in some department store somewhere. I found a fish tank with….odd things inside.

Not sure, really not sure.

We were meeting IYU’s family for lunch before I’d take the bus back to Yilan in the afternoon.

everything on a lazy susan. This is the best way.

Every restaurant in the states should serve food this way. It makes it much better because you can share family style, which suits my unable to choose personality. Also it’s more convenient to share, because you don’t have to constantly pass things over other plates, etc.


I’ve taken a huge liking to all this broth based soup. You can put anything in and flavour it with anything. A perfect accompaniment to any meal. I can’t believe I never made soup at home!

Part of the family

I had a nice time. They didn’t speak much English, but we met in the middle somehow, and shared many smiles.

greens. a typical favourite.

We ordered what I thought would be a green salad, but what turned out to be a fruit salad. It’s actually the stupidest fruit salad I’ve seen in my life. I have this thing against gourmet meals, you see. They are beautiful, but rarely practical or fulfilling.


cross table view

Before we all left, I took a picture with the birthday girl πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday!

All in all, a fabulous weekend in Taipei. I predicted I’d be back again and again, and I sure have been πŸ™‚

Thanks to my lovely Taiwanese family. I am so so thankful to have them.

Love, Hannah

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