Lesson Planning

Every week we are required to have a bi-weekly report. Shocking, I know.

These reports entail a time sheet, which we must fill out detailing the hours we are at school, and have them signed by our LET. It’s interesting, we aren’t allowed to leave the school without noting it on this little sheet.

Also, we are required to submit a reflection and a lesson plan. Here we come up again a problem. You’ll have guessed by now that I have no problem with reflecting. Heck, it could be my middle name. Lesson planning however, is more difficult. We must notate the following, as suggested:


Student level






I’ll be the first it’s a bit hard, the lack of lesson planning that seems to occur in my school. I’m an organised person. I’ve heard my LET tell me, ‘Yes, I know you’re organised’ many times. So often, in fact, that I’ve tried to let my organised spirit go a bit, and go with the flow. Yes, I’d like to have all of our lessons planned a week in advance, but you can’t have it all. We teach all of the 300-something kids, and the fact that we never devised a system for acquiring all of their English named is perturbing.

My new planner from the stationary store. I love it!

I’ve thought about this. I could create lesson plans for each class, and stress about it and spend hours even though they weren’t used or she had a different plan. Or I could come in every morning, and ask her what’s up, then tell her which activities I will spearhead and think of some of my own. My LET is really good at thinking of everything, even last minute. While it may not be a style I use, I admire her ability to have it together (or at least look like it) by the time the bell rings. By the way, our bell sounds like one of those obnoxious jewel tone doorbells.

Insides of the planner or why I chose it. I love the different categories for list making and to do and such. Money tabulating!

If anything, this year will be about growth for me. About finding what I do and do not like in terms of a classroom. I will not become overbearing. I will not be judgmental or unyielding. It will be difficult to find time, but this morning we sat down together and planned for the week. Even though we didn’t write down actual plans, we still have a rough outline of what we want to cover in the textbook. Another thing that merits mention is how we are so tied to the textbook, but that’s another post.

Basically, things are looking up and coming together. We are both new to teaching with each other, so we need to see where we can fit. Each has their own strength. I know mine is NOT phonics!

In terms of lesson planning, I know there is a huge difference between this year and graduate school. You sometimes just can’t plan for an English to non native speakers class, if you don’t know their level. If I learn anything this year, it will be that perhaps I do not imagine a future for myself as a TESOL teacher. Being openminded, you can see opportunities for growth in every situation. I can find ways to learn from this slightly disorganised system, even if it goes against how I hope to arrange my classroom.

Okay this was the most disorganised post I’ve ever written, for being about being all about planning and being organised. Oops. I would chastise myself for being so casual, but I’m just thinking right now, not writing an article. Although I really ought to practice that too, with an outline and all.

Love, Hannah

PS: As always, any questions?

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