Luodong Arts Parade: Part Two

After the parade wore on and on, and we were hot and tired of standing in the sun, we migrated to some rocks above the main stage area and sat for a bit. 

Apologies, I’m still working on the image post situation. 

It ruins my photo presentation. I realise this. But I guess I”m not going to be a professional photographer yet. Becoming further bored, I decided to walk around the little park. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love to photograph roots, rooftops, and details. Not sure what this was, but it’s cool, right? Like a flying saucer took over a tree. 

Can you run faster than a child?

I have loads of pictures from this event. I’m so sorry.

We made our way into the Night Market. Famously larger and more awesome than that in YIlan City.

He was so serious about his meal.

Mary Kate and Aria got some great group shots. 

That’s all folks.

Love, Hannah

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