Luodong Arts Parade-Part One

Saturaday the 10th was the most busy day. Actually, it might be the 11th. My computer is still on East Coast Time and I’m doing the time warp again.

So to continue, we sped towards Luodong in our taxi, which didn’t take very long at all. Easily scooterable, said Bev.

We took the elevator into Samantha’s apartment (yes, they have a doorman too, it’s nice)


and I cooled off again with cool towels. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m super intolerant to the heat.

Reilly and Adam, who had been swimming, arrived and we shared some scrumptious yellow watermelon (another favourite) and we set out for the parade.


Stopping to take this picture, I was bumped into purposely by a Taiwnese guy. He looked to be about my age. Here is what ensued:

Me: (surprised)
TG: Telephone number? (miming)
Me: (Recalling Kelly’s advice never to give your number to locals because they’ll call you all the time) I’m sorry, I’m not supposed to….I don’t have one….
TG: Telephone number? You have?
Me: (Confused) I’m not sure what you want….wo mei you dian hua. Duibuqi!

I just started walking away after this, because he didn’t seem to get the picture. I’m not sure whether he wanted a language partner or what. Oddly flattered, and strangely confused, I laughed it off. My friends had only just noticed that i was lagging a considerable distance behind them.

Continuing our walk.


 Photo onslaught. Sorry. 


The weather was scorching and standing in the sun, I was sweating. Some people had the right idea and went into a building to watch or stood in front of a door.

More to come.

Love, Hannah

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