Babies, Lunch, and Surprising Americans

I woke early, as usual, knowing that I”d be going to the Home of God’s Love Orphanage today with Samantha and Mary Kate. I’d just sliced myself a bowl of dragon fruit when my phone started ringing. I have an awesome bad @$$ ringtone, by the way. It was Mary Kate

‘Hey, so the lady said we should come at 10 instead of 11 because that’s when the babies go down for a nap’

‘….so that’s in like….an hour so I should leave the house now?’


So I stuffed breakfast into my mouth and booked it out the door to walk to the city centre, a 30 minute walk on average.

We hailed a cab after meeting up and were somehow able to communicate to him where to take us. Just like the night before, Mary Kate and I found ourselves whizzing through the countryside between Yilan City and Luodong in a taxi driven by a nonEnglish speaking man.

He dropped us off at the right place, however, Plum Blossom Lake, and we walked around a bit, wondering where on earth our destination could be. Finally we called the Orphanage and one of it’s founders came out to meet us on a bicycle. It turns out taht we had walked right past it, but they purposely didn’t have a sign. I understand.  Surprisingly, it was run by two Americans and had four American volunteers who were our age.

We met Samantha there and spent the morning cuddling, kissing, and holding babies. Talk about baby fever! whhosh. All the babies had been placed, and I felt such a good vibe giving them all my loving that morning, until they could go home to be with their forever families. As I predicted, I got a bit teary having a moment with 7 Month Old Micky, a sweet little girl with a head of hair to rival my sister’s when we first met. We snuggled and she made faces at me, just like Grace used to when she was small.

I have no photographs, for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say we will be going back. Bev, the owner (unsure of the right word there) offered to lend us whatever supplies we needed and the volunteers took us out for lunch in the local area.

Plum Blossom Lake is a popular tourist attraction. We didn’t get much time to walk around the entire lake, but next time we return we will surely do so.


They did have these cool dune buggy things that looked to me like Disney Princess Mobiles.

Although I pledged not to do anything American (ie: eat with a fork, eat American food, etc) until next year when I’m home, I couldn’t say no to their leading us to this restaurant, which turned out to be quite nice. 

We sat down and ordered from a menu that was, thanks to the tourist renown of the region, in English.


Finally, we all decided and settled in to wait forever. Again.

My shoulders, frequently uncovered, are getting the golden glow. And some freckles!

Samantha and her pizza!

It was a typical breakfast joint, but since I’m not a huge meat eater, I went with the cobb salad.

The most interesting conglomeration of toppings; eggs (YUM), raisins (YUM), sunflower seeds (YUM), pickles, tomatoes, sprouts, corn (EW) and bacon bits (EW). The bowl was the deepest bowl I’ve eaten from in my life. Probably good for oatmeal.

After lunch, we walked back to catch our taxi.

Kelsey, one of the volunteers, pointed out the largest Taoist temple in Taiwan, tucked into the mountainside.

The heat was scorching and I was glad I’d popped into the bathroom to cool off with cool damp towels.

Some of the houses in the surrounding area were insane!

If you can see the blue one, it’s a western style B&B. I’d love to stay there.

Mary Kate, Samantha, and I hopped into our taxi that would take us to Luodong, so we could attend the parade. Everything is so interesting and photographable here. 

Including my friends 🙂

More about Luodong and the Art’s Parade in the next post!

Love, Hannah


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