Friends Go Out to Eat

As a vegetarian in Taiwan, I haven’t been the most gung ho about trying new things. I finally got online, aiming to solve my problem, and check out Happy Cow, the site for vegetarian eateries and shops around the world. It aptly pointed me towards Loving Hut, of the same name as the restaurant at which Kevin and I ate in New York City when we went to get our visas. I looked it up on google maps and penciled in a mark on my city map in case I was ever in need of a hearty meal.

One afternoon, Mary Kate, Aria, and I were strolling through shops in Yilan after class at the  Teacher’s Centre and we somehow decided to go to dinner. Aria is also vegetarian, so I mentioned Loving Hut and we were off following my map to find it.

‘Reading’ the menu

The menu was, predictably, in Chinese with strange English subtitles, so we made guesses at what everything might be.


Eventually, we ordered and set about occupying ourselves until the meal came. Mary Kate called Will to see if he wanted something.


We had fun, as friends do, taking pictures of ourselves. Luckily, we were mostly the only ones in there, so we didn’t feel so embarrassed for being a bit outrageous.

After posing with the Asian peace sign, Aria had to show me how to do the Japanese one. 

‘it’s a little bit softer.’ 

I ordered the special, Bibimbap, so the waitress who was a cute little old Taiwanese lady who didn’t speak more than two words of English, came and brought me some special kuaizi. 

Mary Kate’s meal came first:

sautéed greens, faux meat, more sautéed greens, and some rice.

I have no idea what hers was called, but the cabbage contained wood ear mushroom- my favorite!

All of our meals came with soup.

Aria’s came next.

sautéed greens

She also got Kimchi fried rice.

My meal, being the special, took ages. I passed the time by eating Mary Kate’s sprouts. 

I looked up to see the tiny waitress carrying a large tray with a piping hot bowl of my meal approaching the table.

Bibimbap, spicy sauce, pickled veggies, and soup.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t something hot. Nevertheless, this was a DELICIOUS meal and just what I needed after not really stomaching most of the meals we’d been served this week.

The spicy sauce was some sort of red pepper deal and the pickled veggies were my favourite. The bowl contained white rice (not a fan), carrots and cabbage, some sort of flash fried mushroom, which was good, and a faux meat which I didn’t touch. I’m happy to report that I actually ended up liking the rice because it fused to the side of the hot dish, cooking it to a crisp. 

We cleared mostly everything over conversation and camaraderie. 

So would I go there again? Absolutely!
Love, Hannah




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