Choosing Schools

Over the past week (three days of it) we have been visiting school after school after school. We began our days in out classroom at the Teacher’s Centre, listening to power point presentations from the LETS (Local English Teachers). It’s been exhausting and towards the end, all the schools started to blur together. Luckily, we haven’t had to spend one day visiting all the schools, like they did last year. I cannot imagine how hot and tiring that must have been.

I took the day off today to gather my thoughts about choosing schools, as our forms are due tomorrow. The forms ask questions such as:

‘The kind of transportation you most prefer to use to get to your school: Bike, Train, Scooter, Bus’ (they oddly do not list walking….I prefer that)

‘How would you evaluate your ability to ride a scooter? Excellent, Good, Fair, Cannot overcome the fear of imbalance, Learning now- I believe I can make it through’ (I think I fall under the last category although last week I wouldn’t have told you that!)

There are also two types of schools; Type I and Type II. Type I schools have one ETA teaching at the same school all week and either at a Middle School every other wednesday or at the English Village for Friday mornings. Type II schools are where an ETA splits their time between two schools which are often about a 10 minute scooter ride from each other. I haven’t yet decided which I prefer, although I think I”d prefer to get to know my students and LET (Local English Teacher) and may choose a type one school.

There are many things to consider when we are ranking our schools. On the form our coordinator, Kelly sent us, we must write substantial evidence and back up our desire to be at a certain school by writing a paragraph for each. The only problem I’m having is remembering how they differed and what stuck out most. I took notes during the presentations and am still having trouble distinguishing ‘Xin-Nan’ from ‘Xin-Sheng’ and so forth unless I am looking at their power points.

Another difficulty and aspect to take into consideration is whether you want to stay in your current apartment, how you want to get to school, and in which city you want to live. I’m currently in Da Po Apartment, about a 30 minute walk from the city centre of Yilan City, but I’ve seen the other apartments and they are nice as well. That said, I think I’d like to stay here. Not only am I situated, but I also like the living situation, and there is a school right across the street. I could get used to that.

Tune in Wednesday when our assignments are announced. I think it’ll be an exciting day and also one fraught with some amount of anxiety in all parties involved. Who will we be working with? Will we like our schools? Will we get the schools we chose? So many questions about this program. More things for the suggestion form, I suppose.

Love, Hannah

Ps: How cool is this? My Picasa picture uploader did it automatically somehow. I’m a Gif!


One thought on “Choosing Schools

  1. Wow! Compare and contrast and write an essay which will determine placement for the next 10 months AFTER you move half way around the world! School was never so tough! It might seem an impossible task but BE CONFIDENT that the school you are ultimately assigned to will be the right fit for both you and for the people there. Life just works out that way. It will be terrific and you will look back and wonder what you were ever in a bundle about. Love your gif too! It just needs a soundtrack since the movement makes it look like you are saying something.

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