In Which I’m Still Packing/Unpacking: All About My Room/Flat

I mean, does it ever really end?

I used to be a packing efficianato. When I was younger, our family used to travel (sans small siblings) to Europe during the summer. On average, we would stay for three weeks and for those three weeks, I was able somehow to pack in my small green carry on. Said carry on is now losing it’s wheels from being dragged down cobblestones in Salzberg, Austria, but that is neither here nor there. I would roll my pants and shirts into tight coils, like multicoloured shells and wedge them into the case in rows. Everything fit. Everything was taken.


I wrote this on monday when I was really still packing. Now that we are at Saturday, I am still unpacking.


At home. vs.


I’m still working out the logistics of photo size. Bear with me, I’m sure you can see the similarities in packing and unpacking.

In other areas, I’ve been enjoying my compression socks. Call me a grandmother, but when the heat is unbearable and you’ve been all messed up in the pressure zone due to flying, they can be your friend. In fact, I just saw compression stockings for sleeping last night at Watsons. Might have to invest.

Clearly a good idea.

The first night I was here, we had intense wind, which was apparently quite uncharacteristic for Yilan. I kept the door to my balcony open, which resulted in this:

whip and flip

But I was able to get a lovely breeze sitting at my bed without needing to turn on the AC. I only just recently did that, because it was getting unbearable inside. The days have gone back to being sticky and still.  I have a video but I can’t figure out how to upload it yet. That will come.

We arrived on the first day and attempted to set up our wireless, which is in my room, lucky me. My balcony also houses the hot water heater and the gas.

Michael and Kimberly magicing the wireless

I, knowing nothing about that sort of thing, set about trying to figure out where my stuff would go, as I have really no closet space or shelving except a little bookcase.

Sorry to report my bag no longer looks this put together.

Case in point/picture.

Bookshelf and put together clothes thing.

I guess I ought to just give you a tour of the flat this way. Outside on my balcony there is our hot water heater and our gas. And some lovely views!

Looks like I spliced this picture together

Gas tank.

I have a Pokemon clock on my wall. I don’t know much about Pokemon, but I do actually find it kind of cool, and it works too!


Our bathrooms is large enough that taking a shower doesn’t make the toilet soaked.

Shower with some random shirts from previous tenant?

And we don’t have a squater.

I would be able to deal with one outside in the city, but would prefer a western style toilet in our home.

We’ve got a mat on the floor in front of the sink. It gets a bit slippery, so I bought slippers which you’ll see sometime as soon as I remember to photograph them. They are just the cheapo plastic kind, but they do the trick.

red hot plane feet


Lookin’ fiercely tired

Our flat has two floors and a roof space. Upstairs we have three bedrooms (Michael, Rebekah, and Mine) and a living area with a mini fridge.

These couches are actually quite comfortable.


We have another, larger living room. All new furniture as well, which is nice.

Licorice couch, lots of unused space

We’ve got awesome wall decals, both of which feature an Owl. I approve.

I wonder if kids lived here before…

Here is the view from the livingroom to the kitchen

The long view

We seem to have ample space for entertaining, but as we live out of town a bit more than our fellow fellows, we haven’t been able to host friends here yet. It’s only the 4th day.

Weird bar-like thing.

We have so much storage space, clearly we need to start collecting something.

Downstairs bathroom.

Showering in here could get a bit wet.


Our kitchen is nothing to write home about. I’m unsure what that thing is on top of the sink. If you know, please tell me. Otherwise, it is basically a stove.

more storage. with a rotary phone!?

On our back balcony we have a washer. I haven’t crossed that hurdle yet although yesterday we went trekking and I got a bit muddy. More on that soon.


That’s all for now folks! We’re off to the beach today so I imagine that’ll be quite lovely and a great break from the heat. Now I understand why people who live in hot and humid places always want to be in the water.

There are so many posts I want to do, but what do YOU want to see?

Love, Hannah

















2 thoughts on “In Which I’m Still Packing/Unpacking: All About My Room/Flat

  1. I want to hear more about your neighbors and the mr dingaling garbage truck and things that you find curious and unusual. Also weather reports (should the weather change, that is) and tons of photos of environs both inside and out. Love vicariously travel with you!!!

    • Haha the weather doesn’t change. It won’t at least for a bit. I’ll take some photos at the ocean today!

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