Busy Mind, Busy Body. Countdown: 52 Days

I’ve been busy, but that’s no excuse, not does it amount to how busy I’ll probably be come July and indeed thereafter.

What’s happened since I last checked in? Not much, to be honest. Just more research and more skype chats with Kevin. We’re meeting in NYC this coming thursday to go to TECO to get our visas done. I can only hope everything goes smoothly and I have all my papers together. I’ve tried to be so organised; putting everything in a binder and printing everything out, but there is always the karmic mandate that something will go wrong. But let’s just hope it doesn’t, for the sake of my wallet.

Kevin and I have skyped about our plans for continuing to coordinate everything while we are in Taiwan and frankly, the closer time comes to our departure, the more we can think of nothing else but the beautiful Island and the wonderful times to come. Trying to figure out my countdown, I realised that, because our flight is at 1am, we actually depart from the US on the 30th of July, making departure one more day closer to today than I’d thought. Small victory, perhaps. But exciting nevertheless.

I’m still waiting on a packing list and desperately attempting to learn to drive before I find myself up the creek without a paddle or in another country without a license, as it were.

Getting in a car and behind the wheel may be fun for some, but gosh my anxiety soars whenever I have to press the gas and watch the speedometer climb any higher than 35. Dad made me ‘goose it!’ the other day, so I’d know what it felt like to go 80 mph. I did so and to be honest, it didn’t feel that bad. But people in the US also follow the traffic rules, more or less. I’ve heard that you cannot say the same for Taiwan. Currently saving up for the cutest and most efficient moped/helmet combo I can find. Hello Kitty anyone?

Today I rode in the car with my little brother E and his three boy scout friends to Albany to go rock climbing. I wasn’t  going climbing, as I’d already put on jeans for the day and planned on ensconcing myself in a book but will never pass up a drive in the car (as long as I’m not behind the wheel) so I surprised myself when I asked Mom whether I could go. One mini cucumber, half a carrot and a piece of cheese later (which amounts to about 1 minute, in case you cared) I found myself in the car on our way to pick up Kory, E’s friend.

We were late and Kory took ages in the house, but sooner than later we had added Winsten and Charlie to our van, along with Charlie’s Mother, to whom I relinquished the front seat. By this valiant gesture I also placed myself in the middle seat, next to E who had plugged himself into his mp3 player, and in front of the other three 5th graders, who poked, prodded, and joked the entire way to the rock gym.

I love kids. I’m going to be a teacher, so of course I do. I also hate loud noises and relish quiet times to read books. Let’s just say that I didn’t get farther than the same sentence over and over and over again during that car ride. Why on earth my brain chose to think that four 5th grade boys talking about Star Wars was more interesting than my book is beyond me, but it happened: I was profoundly distracted.

I guess I steeled myself against their crude talk and probably appropriately 5th grade chatter, only having to ask them to change their topic a few times. Luckily, I have been their substitute teacher for two weeks before, making them familiar with listening to me, despite the fact that we were out of any setting that remotely resembled a school setting.

But I completely digress. Not entirely sure where I was going with this, except that I’m going to miss E no matter how rambunctious he is with his friends, and I also can’t wait to have a classroom as my own.

One another note, unrelated as ever, here is the redwood in our backyard, blowing in the wind that has so recently whipped through our back yard.


This wind is probably nothing to the typhoons I shall encounter next year in Yilan.  BOY am I excited, no sarcasm, I mean it.

wet and wild

Don’t they look happy? I’ll take the same picture, but I’ll be smiling, I promise.

Love, Hannah


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