In Which I Am Melting

Really, it is only about 80 degrees, but one would think I was back in Dubai.

I’ve been loving on my compression stockings. Am I the only one who swells up in the heat? It’s like I’m allergic to it or something.

TMI, sorry.

So updates….let’s see….

I’ve been placed in Yilan County, which is a bit south from Taipei and on the East Cost. If I’m teaching in Yilan City, the largest city in that county, I will also be quite close to the ocean indeed, which will be nice. As much as I’m not a fan of the ‘beach,’ I do love the ocean- craggy shores and such.For example:



wow. Just wow.

Okay, so I’d be hard pressed to find something like this, but more like….this

much better

So you see. I’d rather walk along looking for interesting rocks than tan. Although I won’t lie- I’m hoping to turn a nice shade of cocoa brown this year whilst living on a tropical sort of island. In my dreams, right? Who am I kidding, little Celtic girl…..

I think I’m the only January graduate ETA or Fellow, so while everyone else has been madly finishing final papers, theses and such, I’ve been twiddling my thumbs (and working, of course) waiting to figure out the details of everything Fulbright and especially wanting to know who my friends would be. Kind of like Elementary School all over again, huh?
While searching the web and Facebook for every bit of information I could find about Yilan, I discovered the 2012-2013 Fulbright Taiwan Facebook group. After reading it top to bottom and finding that there was not one for this year, I quickly created one and emailed off the details to Charlie and Kelly, who finally sent them out to everyone! Soon, people began joining and voila- instant community!

I’m really excited to meet everyone because I’m sure we all have a lot to think about and questions to ask one another. I’m currently musing over what to do about phones, and thinking that I”d better replace the battery in my Mac book, which is completely shot.

On the note of material possessions, I’ve also begun to think about all the things I won’t be able to have, eat, or do while I’m in Taiwan. This sounds awful or depressing, but I actually think it is a bit exciting. Aside from having lots of books to read at my disposal, everything should be much more simple. I’ll do a whole post about things I think I’ll miss, and then probably another one when I get there about everything I DO miss (or what I thought I would but don’t)

This is long enough and I’ve prattled on and on as I’m wont to do.

Love, Hannah





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