Feeling a bit British

The buildings are big!and old!

I’ve been here five days and I’m already feeling a bit British.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had sort of an old fashioned way of speaking. I say “raather” instead of “rahther” and use colloquialisms like “I suppose” and “as well” and “indeed.” Judging by the way my flat-mates talk, I’m well on my way to developing a British accent. Brilliant.

One thing I didn’t have straight was the fact that what the Brits consider the first floor is what Americans call the second floor. Needless to say, I walked into the wrong flat first day in my residence.

But before I even moved in, I couldn’t move in. We traveled across the ocean to find that my home school hadn’t payed my housing fees. This naturally resulted in lots of sitting, anxiety and flustered dispositions, as we were all tired. Lucky my Mom and Dad had a flat around the corner they were renting for a couple days, isn’t it? I stayed there.

That's what you get for staying in the flat of a cook

We came back one night and the whole flat smelled of Fish. Normally I dislike this smell and will go to great lengths to avoid it (read: SARS mask) but this was actually quite nice smelling.

Things are different here.

hump? bump? tomato tomahto?

Anyone care to enlighten me as to why Londoners run with backpacks on? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. It’s like they’re late for something, only they’re wearing athletic wear. hm….

Smiling and jetlagged

I’ve found myself a place in this big city. I only hope I can take up my space!

Here's my place!

Expect more soon. I’m a bit busy figuring out my courses and such. Pictures as well!

Love, Hannah


2 thoughts on “Feeling a bit British

  1. Congratulations! I hope you have a great time there. London is wonderful and I really love the British accent! I think it sounds so cute for men and women!
    I also miss the traditional British breakfast (yummy)! In this country their idea of breakfast is a croissant and an espresso!

    • I’m having a super time!! London is great and my flat mates always tease me to use an accent “so they can understand” me. It makes everyone seem quite more proper than they are.
      Haven’t had a typical breakfast yet, as we’re self catering, but last time I was in the UK I had a great one at a youth hostel!

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