Solving all the world’s mysteries

Okay guys. it really is the final count down here. It’s tuesday and I leave Saturday morning. Scary and saddening, for sure.
On friday we trekked ourselves out to stonehenge, despite the 15P price on the tour bus that you had to take there. I’m not usually one for a) tour busses or b) exorbitant fees, but somehow I found myself right there with everyone else. This could have had something to do with the fact that everyone was going, and we’re all friends. I enjoy their company but I’m sure you guys all know what friendship is about already.

there were huge, delicious looking blackberries here outside the train, but then we began moving..Salisbury!

We began in Salisbury which is another cute little english town I could totally live in.

Salisbury Cathedral
Did you know!! After WWII the Luftwaffe told the British that they were under strict instructions during the war not to bomb Salisbury Cathedral because they used it as a landmark when flying so they could bomb other important places? What a lucky save! It’s beautiful inside. 
too bad, this was cute
This is the baptismal font, such as I’ve never seen. The following picture is the reflection directly on the surface of the stained glass at the far end of the cathedral. 
I love stained glass!!
and vaulted ceilings with exposed beams!
and cloisters!
maybe I should live in a church….
I wasn’t supposed to take this. It’s from the room where the Magna Carta was. I always manage to take illegal photographs though…
White Chocolate Polar bear!
foggyfog and burial mounds
The Group (some)
(l-r) Anne-Carroll, Veronica, Lindsay, Me, Matt, Dmitriy, Liz
The Henge! and me (WIND)
I’m pretty sure I have a photograph of this from every angle!
(l-r) Liz, Abby, Me
just foolin’ around in the gift shop….
Over all what did I think? Well…..I expected Stonehenge to be a lot more remote, as in up in the moors with nothing around. Certainly not a car-park, but what did I expect, how would people get there? It’s probably that book I read about the lovers at Stonehenge. and yes, I am mortified embarrassed for having read it : )

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