SO many pictures!

Well, if there is any testament to the fun I am having here, surrounded by wonderful friends (even if I am unable to recognize it all the time) it is these pictures!

This picture is at the Staircase 14 party!
(l-r, Bryana, me, Anne-Carol, Veronica)

Me and Veshal at Turf Tavern

a whole group of us at Turf Tavern after High Table Dinner

outside staircase 17 (l-r; Abby, Garth, Me, Shelby)

Garth takes creepy photos from across the street on Alice’s Day

after! (me and Liz and some Pimms)

Turf Tavern

(l-r; me, Sreyashi, Chey, Olivia, Jackie)
Needless to say, I am having a great time, and lots of Pimms!
and I’m wearing that gray jacket
a lot

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